• From time to time, we can feel overwhelmed, or lost or even find ourselves in the same patterns as many times before without knowing a way out. We can become anxious, depressed or confused about how we are living our lives. We can also be wondering about how to change our lives and live differently in the future. This may be particularly true at a time like this, as we come out of a pandemic, with all the upheaval and change we may be experiencing in our home and work lives.

    As a qualified and experienced psychotherapist, I have been working with people to help them with these and similar problems for the last 20 years. I offer straightforward, jargon-free psychotherapy and counselling. I work predominantly online via a number of easily accessible platforms & in May 2021 will be returning to face to face sessions in Holborn, central London.

    My most recent training was an MA in Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling, however I consider myself more integrative and use other techniques, learning and influences, preferring to focus on an approach that is open and questioning of your individual circumstance. In addition, I have recently qualified as an Online Counsellor via the Counselling Tutor organisation and have registered with the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online (ACTO).

    I am registered with both the main professional bodies: UKCP and BACP and attend regular supervision. I abide by both the UKCP and BACP Code of Ethics, which includes complete confidentiality.

    Please contact me if you need any further details.
  • Contemplating the first step towards seeking psychotherapy can feel daunting.

    It is widely considered that the single most significant factor in predicting the outcome of therapy is the relationship between therapist and client; for trust and confidentiality in the therapist, it is vital for you to have a sense of safety and to feel comfortable.

    For these reasons, I consider it important to offer the opportunity for an initial, non-obligation session in which we can both decide whether to work together. This offers a space to help you decide whether this approach is appropriate for your needs. To this end, I currently offer an initial, 30-minute, non-obligation, free consultation – please contact me for further details.

    Therapy aims to be of benefit for a wide range of distress - anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, eating disorders, difficulties with relationships - and many other problems associated with living. In addition, therapy provides a time and place for two people to meet and talk and aims to help you move towards a more fruitful and meaningful existence and help you manage your life more effectively.

    My most recent training was in Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling. The existential approach to therapy has a philosophical basis; it is an approach that tries to avoid preconceptions and prejudice in favour of attempting to understand and describe the individual and unique world of the client.

    Indeed, it is an approach that does not necessarily try to facilitate change - though change often occurs - but rather works towards helping you come to terms with life and all its contradictions. Psychotherapy and counselling does not offer a 'cure’ for past events but aims to find ways in which you can come to terms and understand painful events, both in the past and in the present, before moving on to a more fruitful future.

    Whilst I also use other techniques, learning and influences, my approach eschews a formalised technique of therapy, preferring to focus on one that is open and questioning of your individual circumstance.
Location & Fees
  • When working online, I use a variety of online platforms including VSee, zoom and FaceTime.

    From May 2021, I will resume face-to-face sessions at my Holborn, central London, practice which has has easy access from Covent Garden, Bloomsbury, Chancery Lane, Clerkenwell, Barbican and the City (Nearest tube stations: Chancery Lane, Holborn, St. Paul's and Farringdon).map
  • As working online may be a new and daunting experience, I offer a free 30- minute initial consultation.
    For subsequent sessions, the fees are £70.
    I am registered with Aviva.
  • kathy

    To arrange an initial session, or talk through the possibility of working together, you may contact me by telephone, text on 07702 024 044 or email to kathy@kathyparsons.co.uk. I look forward to hearing from you.